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Holler is a creative business.

We solve business problems by provoking big reactions from simple interactions.

We care about the details as much as the idea.

We consider ourselves an agency of a new generation; we believe great marketing should be consensual and strive to create experiences that people want and need.

We have helped Audi drivers fall in love with their cars, launched a new Carnation product and created a Blackmores mind-control experience for their flagship store.

We have electrocuted our staff in the name of charity, driven Heineken drinkers to legendary experiences and created an interactive art installation to alert people to the expansion of online surveillance legislation.

We think digital first. Always.

We don't have a prescribed way of working; that would be boring. Instead we have a methodology called Modes that advocates finding the right way to solve a problem, not just the easy way.

We're experts in Brand & Communications, Product & Service Design, Technology, and CRM & Data Science. In all project phases, our focus is on the highest quality and a close cooperation with our clients.



The Mindful Ocean


We used neuroscience to help people experience a moment of mindfulness, and start living a healthier life. We used an EEG headband to listen to the wearer’s brainwaves and measure their emotional states and affective responses. We then translated their brainwaves into a webGL ocean visualisation, allowing them to see inside their own mind and immerse themselves in the world of Blackmores wellbeing.



Land of Quattro

Audi Australia

In order to emotionally connect our audience to the Audi brand, we developed an interactive campaign that gave users the opportunity to create their own narrative with Audi branded content. Using the Land of quattro TVC to capture their attention, we then deepened that connection with a second screen experience that allowed the audience to delve further into the story.


2.6 Billion User Interactions
28% Increase In Test Drives
815 Thousand Video Views
18.6 Mins Dwell Time Per Person


Reverse Recipes


Recipe videos all have the same formula: they start at the beginning, and present a series of chronological steps. The problem is that the start of a recipe is boring, and the step-by-step instruction takes away from the magic of the process. We created a series of reverse recipes, starting with a beautifully cooked meal and then showing all the exciting parts of its creation, all in reverse.



Stop the spies

Art & About Festival

How do we get 'the people' to read and comprehend a controversial piece of legislation taking away their digital privacy? By putting it in a giant tee-pee in Sydney's busiest park during one of its most popular festivals, naturally. Looking stations, like mini teleprompter periscopes, broadcast the controversial bill to the eyeballs of curious passers-by. Whilst reading, their eye was simultaneously streamed to giant, ominous LED structures.



Open Your City


Heineken Chauffeur: A new, branded service that transported consumers to secret venues and experiences within their city. Every weekend for 10 weeks, we put hundreds of Heineken branded luxurious Uber Black limousines onto the streets. Consumers could simply order a Heineken Chauffeur through the Uber app and be whisked away along with their friends on a mystery adventure, all within minutes.


10% Sales Increase
35% Increase on brand likability
149% Over-delivery in media impressions


Disrupt Xmas


Advertising prides itself on disruption. But what if you could disrupt advertising? One Christmas we gave the public the power to disrupt advertising—and raise funds for a good cause. We invited the local community to log in live to our multicast and disrupt the agency at will, in a rather shocking way.


$5,500 Raised for Charity